Tarifa is a Paradise set in Southern Spain between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, worldwide known as the wind capital. It features the perfect conditions for Kitesurfing all the year long.

The Kitesurfing lessons are personalized and adjusted to the learning rythm of each person. We teach small groups, We try to do maximum 2 people or individual lessons, as our experience has proven that this is the most effective way of learning this sport, due to the 100% instructor’s dedication.
We can make a maximum 4 people group if you prefer. We hope learning with us to be a beautiful experience.

Our Kitesurfing lessons include: The necessary equipment and its breaking insurance. Neoprene suit and safety equipment for learners. IKO level certification, worldwide recognised. Mandatory accident and civil responsibility insurance is included.

Booking: 687 299 648 / english 699 079 683