The “STAND UP PADDLE SURF” is a brand new water-sport discipline closely related to surf. It consists of stand up rowing on a large size surfboard, helping you with an oar. Paddle surfing is ideal for sailing on flat water as well as surfing great waves.
Its origin is very old and comes from the Polynesian Islands where native already practiced it. Nowadays, great surfers like Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama have set it back into fashion by frequently practicing it. It appeal lies in its easy learning and accessibility for all kind of people and in its range of usage and very high physical activity. We have a great range of boards for different levels, so we can change it depending on your progress.

Our Paddle surfing lessons include: The necessary equipment and its breaking insurance. Neoprene suit and safety equipment for learners. Mandatory accident and civil responsibility insurance is included.

Booking: 687 299 648 / english 699 079 683